Saturday, 9 March 2013

You are sure to succeed if only you don't give up.

Here is a little tipoff if you know nothing about the most talk about man not only in the history of America but in World history.
He wasn't only the messiah that put an end to slavery, his whole life was also a total inspiration.

Abraham Lincoln lo­st his job in 1832
Failed in business in 1833
Lost his wife 1835
Had a nervous breakdown 1836
Was defeated for speaker 1838
Lost bid for congress 1843
Lost nomination to congress in 1848
Was rejected for land officer 1849
Was defeated for senate in 1854
Lost nomination for vice president in 1856
Defeated for senate in 1858 and was finally elected president of the United state of America in 1860.

Do not give up on your challenges until they give up on you. Be consistent, you will succeed if only you don't give up.

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