Saturday, 9 March 2013

Ladies, learn how to love your man.

Most time i think women unfairly or unknowingly put men through unnecessary stress either because they want things done their way or because they are too self centered and selfish to even notice that they are not the only one having a bad day and that their men need TLC too.

Do you know why your man comes home every day at the close of work? 
Uhmmm....maybe you need to know what goes on at work first..... :-)

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Your man goes through all the imaginables like....
*Noise Chaos
*Salary arrears
*Excitement....and the list goes on & on

In the middle of all these, there was no text message non any phone calls from you.
Well, maybe you did’t want to distract him. Brilliant! 

So when he comes back at the close of work, he craves for one thing...YOU plus all the good things that goes along with the package.....

*An arm around him
*Comforting words

cynthia ese's blog

He wants his territory, he wants you to listen and not nag, he doesn’t want instructions from you (he’s had loads of them at work). He wants commendation like "well-done" and "thank you".

He doesn’t want Sex, yes........! you heard me...he wants love making. If he can't get these at home, my dear, you have lost him to her who can give him all these and some more.

So, try to make every of his home coming less stressful but more loving and memorable. 

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