Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A MUST READ: Ladies, marriage is not a DO or DIE affair.

This lady was beaten blue/black by her husband and she is in coma....no one knows if she will make it.
This whole violence against women is deafening and a law should be put in place to castrate any man who raises his hand against a woman. I want to use this avenue to diss the ladies who still think marriage is for better or for worse. 

Few days ago, a friend of mine asked me for advice, her husband is what you will call a 'dog', he goes after anything and everything, he keep telling his girlfriends that he is not married, then promise them marriage and even goes ahead to impregnate them; Whereas he has a wife and child at home. Now, my friend is scared because her husband might end up contacting her with STDs, even at that, she still thinks marriage is for better and for worse. 

I didn't ask her to leave her marriage, i only asked her to choose between her life and her marriage. If her life is important to her, she will leave the marriage and take care of her child but if the marriage is more important to her, she will get infected with STDs and another woman will help her train her child. 
How can you sacrifice your life for someone who doesn't even know the value? 
Well, ladies marriage isn't a do or die affair. If you know you are married to a beast in human form, Please and please leave that marriage!

I dont care what people say..., Nigerians always have this backward mentality that marriage is for better for worse; even if they know that the marriage is not good for them...

I can't imagine the number of women that have lost their lives as a result of still staying in marriages that they get beaten and tortured..., People will say 'he will change' (which color will he change to?)
But when the woman gets killed, same people will say 'why didn't she leave the home?'

I don't get why reasonable ladies after getting tortured and seeing things they don't like while dating, they still go ahead to marry a beast believing that the guy will change.

Here is a piece of advice for you:

If a guy tells you that when he eventually gets married to you, he will stop you from having a phone...
If a guy tells you that you will be a full time housewife and you won't even have a source of livelyhood and you know in your heart you won't be able to cope...RUN AWAY
If a guy cheats in your presence and you know you hate to be cheated on....RUN AWAY
If a guy lies to you and you know you hate lies...RUN AWAY
If you are seeing things while dating and you know you can't cope... QUIT THE RELATIONSHIP

Am sure this woman saw this coming but believed he would change...

If you know you are not enjoying your relationship\marriage.................QUIT!!!!!!!!!!

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