Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Everything in life is Vanity!

Sometimes, i wonder what people think when they feel and act like the world is under their feet, when they act like they can do anything and get away with it, when they intimidate the less privileged as if there is no end to this life.

For example, when Blackberry first came out, it was an hot cake and most people intimidated others with it; but now, everybody use it. 
Camry was once the car for the big boys, but now, it's being used for public transport.
Plasma screen TV was only owned by the rich, but now, it's used in every local restaurant to watch football matches. People used to go out with the Ipad for swag, but now, it's too heavy to go out with.

Some so called big girls used to intimidate other babes with their brazilian hair, but now, even secondary school girls are tired of wearing human hair.
You form big girls/boys because you go to UK for vacation, but now, real big boys/girls buy first class ticket just to go buy ice cream in London.

What i'm trying to get across is that we should stop acting like there is no tomorrow because the things we place so much value on today will fade out like ABA jeans; and just like what we call Tortoise car today was once a big man's car yesterday.

Everything in life has an expiring date; even the life we have is a borrowed one.
No matter what you have, be humble and always be thankful to God for whatever he has given you because aside God, all of these material things are just plain vanity.

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