Friday, 17 May 2013

Relationship Issues: Dissing To Naija Guys & Babes Who Marry For Names & Money. (A Must Read)

Don't mind this picture oh....Nigerians will photoshop anything photoshopable lol... but i love the concept sha. 

The issue i want to hint on is about some of our naija guys and ladies who have nothing to write home about but they want someone to love them for who they are. Uhm...this is not funny oh..If you are one of such, REPENT!

Guy, before you ask a lady to love you for who you are, you should know who you really are. 
You don't have a job, you have got no vision, no burning desire, not even an ambition, yet you keep saying you need a lady that will 'love you for who you are'. Uhm...Who are you anyway? Do you have an identity? I beg identify yourself and don't ask anyone to go on a suicide mission.

If all you have got to offer a lady is your SURNAME, uhm...i pity for you because your name will eventually become a SOURname if the lady mistakenly marries you for your father's name. #Trust naija women with their bad mouth#

It's a shame when you hear how lazy men scheme to marry into Governors, Senators and Rich politicians  families. What will you do when the tenure is over? I pity you! Nor look for how you go take make your own name and sew your coat according to your body size. #hizz

Even our naija ladies are worst when it comes to marrying a man cos of his surname rather than who the man really is. You hear some ladies say 'i can't drop my surname for the surname which isn't known or which doesn't sound pleasant to the ears'. Seriously,...the devil is playing azonto with your destiny. 

You leave your humble boyfriend who is hustling, who has vision, got ambition and trying to make ends meet, for one aristo or big boy who has got no love and respect for you all in the name of becoming a 'big girl and happening babe in the society', non worry, the devil is scheming out your punishment. Don't cry out when nemesis catches up with you sha.

Those of you who marries for names, money and fame, instead of love, God is watching thru 3D glass and you all need serious prayers.


  1. Good talk and a nice dissing.

  2. lol someone needs to tell these gold diggers the truth. lmao