Friday, 26 April 2013

Ladies, do you really know what you want in a man?

Oftentimes,when you ask a lady what she wants in a man,her response is always "i want an honest,faithful man…a man who will love me for me" (I'm not exempted lol) I think we are so shallow minded when it comes to making the right choice in a relationship or going into the right relationship. We are so caught up in our fairytales land and we forget that there are other factors we need to put into consideration because love is just not enough to make a relationship work.

Factors like:
Does he know your birthday?
Does he understand your moods?
Does he know your weaknesses and strengths?
What are his own dreams?
What is your role in those dreams?
What kind of person is he?
Does he smoke? Why does he smoke?
Does he drink? What makes him drink?
What is his lifestyle?
How does he fund it? What does he do for a living?
What does he want to do for a living? What does he want to do for a better tomorrow?
What kind of relationship did/does he have with his parents? Siblings? Friends? Exes? Colleagues? Bosses?
How disciplined is he?
How mature is he? Age? Intelligence? Conscience?
What annoys him?
When he says he is done with you,what will you miss when he is gone? Does he want kids? Is he romantic?
Above all, are you prepared for the kind of person he may turn out to be after being what you wanted ("honest and sincere")? Like no job, low sperm count, not always around,…etc
All I am trying to say is that most time we prioritize the less important things and forget the most important thing and i guess this is why there are more break-ups to hook-ups these days.

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