Monday, 26 November 2012

Don't Be So Heavenly Minded That You Are No Earthly Good!

Everyday, I see man inhumanity to man by people who call themselves christians and it makes me think. 
They preach about the love of God but they don't live by it. They talk about working for God and the heavenly treasures that await them, but they forget that they were created on earth for a reason. 

You can't preach God's word and not live by it. You can't call yourself a christian and be cruel to your fellow men. Being Christ-like means one should act like Christ acted when he was on earth. 

Jesus Christ didn't only healed the sick and raised the dead; but he also gave water to the thirsty, fed the hungered, showed mercy to people, gave hope to the hopeless, he wasn't self-centered, his way of living and the message he preached inspired people to follow him. He wasn't only heavenly minded, but he was also earthly good.

Let's emulate Christ and be both heavenly minded and earthly good.

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